cao: your path, your way

The upcoming season of college submissions can be challenging for both students and parents alike.  Parents just want what is best for their child and try to support them, and students are often times overwhelmed by all the choices and the feeling that this decision is one of the biggest they will ever make! Not really, but it can feel that way to many.

When I speak with parents they share what they are hearing from their leaving cert son(s) / daughter(s) when they ask about the plans for next year. 

Answers like;

 I don’t know

 It doesn’t matter yet

 Stop nagging

 I have ages to get it in

 My teacher / school is crap, they haven’t a clue!

 I’m not sure, but Mary / Paul are going to Limerick / Galway / Cork so I    might go there

 I don’t know, but I know I don’t want to be an accountant / scientist / teacher, etc.

 Sur’ I could do Arts and then decide

 I want to be an accountant / scientist / teacher etc., but I’ll never get the points

Does any of this resonate with you?


It really doesn’t need to be like that, you can choose differently

 Do you want to complete and submit your CAO choices with ease and flow

 Do you want to feel aligned to your choices and explore all options fully

 Do you want to navigate a system with support, understanding and listening to what you want.

What’s included


During this coaching session you will explore your path, connecting to YOUR desires and dreams.  Separating from other influences, e.g. wanting to attend a college where your friends are going, aligning with the career of choice for your parents, etc.  

Ensuring you are not going down a path influenced by others and not a comfortable choice for you. 

Exploring the options that you truly want and have support in your goal. This session is coachee led and individual to you.


Space is then required to filter the findings in the coaching session, your thoughts around your path, explore colleges and coaches.  

This will be supported activity and you will be held accountable for your agreed actions from the coaching session.



This session will confirm the alignment to your choices, complete and submit the form.  

You will also be included in future mailings for significant dates, e.g. change of mind deadline, etc.  

What next?

Book your package and let’s start the road to alignment with ease & flow.


Máire Morkan

I’m a woman, a mother, a wife, a business woman and a coach. 

I am passionate about supporting people in reaching their potential, living their soul’s purpose and losing the conditioning that they have picked up along the way that no longer serves them.  I love travel, adventure, nature, ease and flow.

I really enjoyed it, thanks for coming and please come again.  You keep it real, I like that, it’s all good in the hood.  Martin

I thought it was a comfortable experience and I didn’t expect that.  It was relaxing and great for the future if I feel stressed or anxious just to do the things you showed us. David.

I thought it was going to be boring but I actually enjoyed it.  I could always say whatever I felt, or share whatever I wanted to and not feel judged. Ben

I expected this to be a whacky course and was all set to give you a hard time but I’m laughing at myself now because it was great! Good craic, real life and I do think I will use the exercises in the future.

Most of the time I feel misunderstood but you get me, you just get me.  It was good to be heard without feeling judged.

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