Welcome to The Empowerment Odyssey!

Embark on a transformative journey with my 12-month coaching programme —a voyage designed to unravel the layers of your being, ignite your potential, and guide you towards a life of purpose and fulfilment.

Are you ready to go beyond the ordinary, break through limitations, and unlock the extraordinary within you? Join me on a personalised odyssey where each session is a step toward your dreams. Discover joy, embrace adventure, authentic happiness, and cultivate self-love as you navigate a path uniquely tailored to your aspirations.

The time is now. Take the first step. Welcome to The Empowerment Odyssey—a 12-month journey to your true self.

Embark on the journey within, for it is in understanding and embracing the layers

of your being that you unlock the limitless potential that resides within.

The path to your dreams is illuminated when you courageously

choose to go big, go deep, and go after what truly sets your soul on fire.


This Journey is for You

The Empowerment Odyssey is for those who crave more from life—individuals seeking opportunities, joy, adventure, and self-love.

Whether feeling stuck or yearning for transformation, this coachee-led journey is tailored to those ready to embrace change. There are no prerequisites, just a desire for growth and openness to the possibilities.

If you’ve lost yourself in the daily grind but know there’s more to discover, The Empowerment Odyssey is your path to reclaiming joy and fulfilment. 

F R E E   G U I D E D   M E D I T AT I O N

Unlock Your Inner Potential

Close your eyes and breathe. Let me guide you on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery through this exclusive guided meditation. Experience the transformative power of visualisation as we focus on unlocking your potential and setting meaningful goals and take the first step towards a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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What You’ll Receive

While the program averages two sessions per month, transformation can happen in the very first session. Each journey is unique, with Máire supporting you through challenges and helping you discover and live the life you were meant for.

Personalised Guidance

Tailored sessions to meet you where you are, addressing your unique challenges and aspirations.

Mindset Shifts

Unlock limiting beliefs, fostering a positive mindset crucial for personal and professional growth.


Stay on track with regular accountability check-ins and support between sessions.

Transformational Journey

Experience a transformative journey that goes beyond conventional timelines, allowing for breakthroughs in every session.

Joy & Self-Love

Rediscover joy, embrace adventure, and cultivate self-love for a more fulfilling life.

Coachee-Led Approach

Your journey, your choices. Máire facilitates, supporting you in unlocking your true potential.

Ready to receive these benefits and transform your life?

Discover your version of happiness beyond societal expectations.

Dare to seek authentic joy.
Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or feeling silenced by society’s norms, let’s redefine happiness together.



What My Clients Have to Say

Discover the impact of The Empowerment Odyssey through the stories of those who have embarked on this transformative journey.

Máire is a fabulous coach she is very intuitive, kind and non- judgemental.

She uses a combination of insight, patience and humour to help you reach your goals in life or business. Highly recommended! You are in safe hands with Máire.

A L I S O N  |  L O N D O N


To anyone who is considering coaching or seeking a way of coming unstuck, I’d recommend giving Máire a call.

Máire’s intuitive approach resonated deeply, unveiling the impact of social conditioning on my outlook. Now, armed with newfound wisdom, I’m confidently navigating life’s uncertainties. For those seeking clarity and change, I highly recommend Maire’s coaching.

P A U L  |  G A L W A Y

Máire’s coaching empowers purposeful growth.

With her support, I clarified my vision, defined priorities, and gained confidence for a significant career move. I highly recommend her for positive life changes.

E N D A  |  L O N G F O R D

M E E T  Y O U R  G U I D E

Hi, I’m Máire

Beginning my career with an IT degree in the chaos of Y2K, I swiftly climbed the corporate ladder, seeking success. Yet, despite the accolades, a sense of emptiness lingered.

My pursuit of fulfilment led me across continents, immersing myself in diverse cultures and profound experiences. Alongside my corporate roles, I delved into coaching and healing, sensing a deeper calling.

Through the highs and lows, I embraced my intuitive gifts, finding clarity and purpose. Today, I’m committed to guiding others through their own transformative journey. This programme offers not just guidance but a pathway to profound self-discovery and fulfilment.


Q: What makes The Empowerment Odyssey different from other coaching programs?

A: The coachee-led approach sets us apart. Each session is tailored to your unique journey, offering personalised guidance and support.

Q: How often are the coaching sessions, and what is the time commitment?

A: On average, participants have two sessions per month. However, the transformative journey can begin in the very first session. The program is designed to accommodate individual timelines.

Q: Is there a specific enrolment deadline, and when does the next intake start?

A:. The next intake is scheduled for April. Spaces are limited, so act promptly to secure your place.

Q: Do I need specific qualifications or prerequisites to join the program?

A: No specific qualifications are required. The program is open to individuals who desire change and are open to new possibilities.

Q: How is progress measured, and what success indicators should I expect?

A: We will collaborate on your desired goals and outcome. Your readiness to take this step strongly indicates the transformative journey awaiting you.

Q: Can I participate if I'm currently facing challenges or feeling stuck?

A: Absolutely! The program is designed to support individuals facing challenges, feeling stuck, or yearning for a transformative experience. This journey is for anyone ready to embrace change.

Q: How does the coachee-led approach work, and what role do I play in the coaching sessions?

A: The coachee-led approach means Máire facilitates and supports your transformation. You play a pivotal role in your journey, making choices and unlocking your true potential with Maire’s guidance.

Q: What if I’m unsure about committing to the program? Can I explore it further?

A: Certainly! I encourage you to book a discovery call. It’s an opportunity to explore the program further, ask questions, and determine if it fits you.

T H E  I N V E S T M E N T

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