Understanding your thoughts

This workshop is aimed at students to help identify and acknowledge thoughts as they occur.  The material is delivered over a half day workshop, the delivery is interactive, fun and participative.  

Session 1

a) Connecting to / Identifying your thoughts

b) The colour of your thoughts (Exercise)

c) Distortions; black-and-white thinking, over generalisation, mental filter, disqualifying the positive, mind reading, fortune telling, magnification / minimisation, emotional reasoning, labelling, personalisation, always being right. (Discussion / Case Studies)


Session 2

a) Reaction to thoughts

 Respond V’s React

 Anchor Breath

b) Where are your thoughts? (Exercise)

c) The colour of your thoughts (Exercise)

“Thank you so much, I don’t know what I expected. I suppose to get some sort of direction on where I needed to go but I probably thought I’d be doing it in a different way – I really enjoyed the practical and systemic work and all the advice I got about social platforms etc.  I have lots to work on so thank you very much!”

“I really didn’t know what to expect, I came, and I found it to be a very welcoming, friendly environment, not the usual ‘business seminar’.  I felt at ease, it gave a different perspective to look at the business and my role in it.  Even working with the other business owners, whilst they are in completely different businesses, I could identify with the challenges and the possible solutions.”

“I had no expectations of the day except to take a step out of my business for the day!! I thought if I learn something that would be fantastic and of course I did!  What it did for me was to clear my head, so that the emotion of what’s going on was able to be put aside and offer clarity.  I need to work on setting my boundaries, thank you.”

“Today showed me that there is lots to work on but I don’t feel overwhelmed by it, I’m so grateful for getting to the course and meeting all the people on the course, I’ve got renewed enthusiasm and I’m so excited about my plans, I’ll definitely be back for the next workshop! – Thank you”

“I’ve been on business courses before and I always come away with so much information but I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with it or take out of it but today was different; broken down so that at the end of the day I have things that I want to do, things that are clearly outlined and achievable.”

“It didn’t feel like I was preached to or told what to do, actually I probably knew what to do but I didn’t have clarity.  It was mirrored back for me to decide what I needed to do and that makes it easier for me to move on and achieve, I’m excited!”

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Get In Touch


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