Interview skills

Get ready to rock the recruitment process!

So you’ve found your ideal role and now you want to make sure you get through the recruitment process, this one session offer will support you in taking aligned action for success.

This is a 90 minute 1-2-1 session with specific focus on the interview you have lined up, topic covered will include;

 Is it the right role for you?

 Who / what is my competition?

 What do I need the panel to know about me?

 What unique qualities to I need to share?

 How do I present myself and my experience?



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In the workplace

Performance Reviews / Challenges in the workplace

You have so much energy and can see so many ways where you could make a difference but something is stopping you?  Tradition, personalities, culture, duty, the feeling that nothing is going to change?

Let’s get you back to yourself.  Coaching will allow you to get more on track, to achieve more, be stronger and more organised but also have more time off to enjoy life and all that life has to offer.  You will be seen,  heard and understood

 Are you warm hearted and caring but struggle with corporate structure and systems?  

 Do you feel like sometimes people just don’t ‘get you’?

 Do you held back because of perfectionism?

 Are you getting the recognition and renumeration you deserve in work?

 Are you fed up with not having a voice?

 Do you wonder how to make it work for you?

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Leaving Corporate

I’m in corporate, get me out of here!

Whether you feel the need to get out of your current role, your current corporate space or corporate world altogether.

It is time to reflect on what you really want, what you are taking with you in terms of experience and knowing and what you are aligned with it terms of moving on.

Using a metaphoric mirror we will reflect on the successes, the challenges, the wins and the losses.  The phase of your career and your life.  Gaining clarity on what you really want, what your heart desires and what the world inspires you to do.  We will identify the next step, the aligned action that will deliver the ease and flow of your soul’s purpose.  

This offering is a bespoke package depending on your needs, timeframe and budget.

Let’s chat!

After a few crap interviews and failed job applications, my wife urged me to  meet with you, (to be honest I thought it would be a waste of time) but you really look at things differently and also showed me how to look at job opportunities in a different way.  At the time I had 2 interviews lined up but by the time I was finished my coaching I knew there was only one real job that was the job for me and I had lots of tips and tricks to show the panel how I was the right one for them.  I can honestly say that while I had sticky palms on the way in, the interview was relaxed, felt good and I was happy regardless of the outcome.  I am thrilled to say I was offered the job and am loving my new role.  With hindsight it was the best investment in me.  Thank you Máire

I thought coaches were for the high powered executives, not for me, I felt stuck in a rut and didn’t think there was a way out.  Oh boy, did we tackle some limiting beliefs!  Looking back now, I really do understand how I was limiting myself and standing in my own way.  I am grateful for our work together and am a big believer in coaching, everyone should have one!

My work anniversary just popped up on LinkedIn, and so it prompted me to drop you a line.  When I first engaged with you in my last job, I was underperforming, miserable and overwhelmed every day by the time I got to the car park let alone dealing with the BS inside the door.  Working with you really was a ‘last resort’ – I now see you as an earth angel.  You held space for me, without judgement as we tackled exactly what was going on, together we peeled back the layers, tackled immediate concerns and then moved to a medium / long term plan.  Today I am so happy in my new role, I am productive, happy,  a team player, I work reasonable hours, I can mentally switch off when I leave the office and I enjoy hiking almost every weekend with my wonderful wife.  Life is good.

I was looking for my next step with my big old corporate hat on, when we met.  I wonder now what you were actually thinking at our first meeting, you must have had me down as a real a$$hole, giving you all the buzzwords I thought would impress you.  You would then deliver a one liner that would have me stumped into silence!  To say I have transformed is an understatement, I can now acknowledge I am a better employee, and definitely a better manager, partner, father and kids coach.  Thank you for revealing the real me and allowing the real me to thrive in my new world where I had once worn the mask of someone/something else.  Your work is powerful.

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