This month I want to focus on women in business, I want to think about whether you are just surviving and going through the motions everyday of whether you actually thriving in business? Whether it be as a business owner, or as a woman with a career either in a small, medium, or corporate enterprise. Are you a woman who is living your fullest life or perhaps, right now, you may not be living your authentic self?

The reason I am drawn to this topic is because very often I have had the privilege of meeting and interacting with women who are a shining light in business, they are full of creativity, enthusiasm, knowing, intuition, wonderment, interest, fascination, they have an explorative nature and excitement, they experience, they enjoy, they add joy. They really are thriving and living a full life, and then… then… something happens.I have noticed that at times this can result in the stripping of that emotional side, the dampening down of the intuition, the falling into place, the rule follower, the ‘back in your box’ place, ‘the good girl’. The expectations are changed, but what I also notice is that the work rate remains high, the commitment is great, the work ethic is strong. All these things remain elevated but the enjoyment, the fun, the thriving, the living of life is gone. The energy has been sucked out of it. 

I also observe that this can happen at any point but some patterns I have noticed, for example when a woman has graduated from college and is 2 or 3 years into her chosen career path. She has found her feet, proven her value, worked independently and as a team, achieved shared goals and feels the need to be stretched further or feels ready for more. Suddenly there is a change, a roadblock, a seemingly unsurmountable challenge.It can crop up further down your chosen career path when a change in position or a significant change in your role, for example, adding people management or more management responsibility, whether it be people or process or indeed with a change in corporate structure. It can also come to the forefront when your personal circumstances change, like finding yourself in a new relationship, a marriage or possibly with the introduction of children.If you find yourself in this position and you are challenged either by somebody putting a stop to where you want to go, putting such a big roadblock that it makes it uncomfortable; moving you to a place of thinking ‘it’s not worth it’, ‘I’m not worth it’, ‘I am wrong, maybe it’s not for me’. If you feel that your spirit is being dampened, if you feel that you have moved to a place of surviving rather than thriving, if you are dreading that Sunday night feeling of facing into your working week, if you are challenged by individuals and their thinking. If you are challenged by organizational values and beliefs, if you are made to feel any less then you should feel, if you are simply surviving, then it might be time to take a closer look!

When we are challenged by change, there are many things that can arise for us, I offer this subset; 


Are we seeing an outwardly challenge that reflects what is really going on for us on the inside? Are you ready to take a deeper look at the required inner work? Are you ready to be empowered? 


Perhaps it is time to explore the power of forgiveness. Self-love and acceptance will help you to acknowledge your achievements to date. Forgiveness of others is not about condoning their actions; it is about liberating and empowering yourself to take the next step.


Sometimes you need to say a big resounding YES to you! Negative self-talk, the needs of others, culture, society, circumstances you believe are outside of your control (an illusion!) can hold you back. Back yourself, believe in yourself! 

You have a right to live your fullest life, you have a right to be fully seen and heard in your career, you have a right to thrive as a woman! You also have support and do not have to go it alone. If you would like to explore any of this content further, please get in touch. The world is full of opportunity, Máire x