Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are so caught in the detail, the overwhelm, the heaviness of a situation and then suddenly you wonder, why am I here? or why is this happening to me? or what is this all about?  And if you can take a step back and reflect on what is going on for you, do you find that you are operating in someone else’s wish list or under control of something else or what society thinks you should be doing? or what your parents/partners/teachers/mentors think you should be doing?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where something says you should not be here? Like perhaps your intuition but you choose to ignore it and continue down the rabbit hole of what either ‘everybody else’ or ‘somebody else’ or society thinks you should be doing?

If I were to ask you how much you tune into your intuition on a scale of 1 to 10 what would that be for you?  if I asked you has that changed in the recent past or has it changed with various life events like getting into a new relationship or marriage or having children or challenges or traumas you faced, would you say you have gotten closer and more reliant on your intuition or have you dampened that down and you are feeling a little bit lost in what is going on for you?

Sometimes when our intuition gives a nudge in a certain direction or knowledge around certain information or a feeling that in some way our sense of being or belonging or power or voice our knowing is challenged, we can quieten down that intuition and go with the choice that ’everyone’ expects.  It is not to say that we don’t hear or listen to advice or education or information from people who have traveled the path before us, or professionals, or experts, or gurus in whatever challenge we face but handing over our decision to those with the information surely can’t be the answer?  We are the masters of our destiny, aren’t we?  We hold the decision around the choice.

So, it would follow that taking all that information from the various sources, sitting with it, thinking about it and then drawing on your own intuition should come up with the best possible decision for you at that time.  What do you think?  How does that feel for you?

How do you tap into your intuition? obviously it is there all the time but sometimes when we are so far down the rabbit hole will need to step back and give ourselves the space to specifically tune into your intuition.  Sometimes that is through meditation, and we need to create that space.  Sometimes it is to connect with nature sometimes it is to talk out the challenge with a trusted confidant and even in this speaking or in the act of journaling around your thoughts, the next step is revealed, and your intuition speaks loudly.

Then, what if the decision you come to could be applied by you from a place of love where there are no rules, there is no fear.  What if our intuitive self suggested getting more information, suggested slowing the pace down, suggested stepping away, stepping in, stepping out, stepping up, suggested taking a leap of faith, suggested becoming more visible, or suggested taking time out.  Would you follow it?  Without guilt, remorse, feeling selfish, making excuses, looking for permission, or simply not listening and going back to what ‘everyone’ else expects?

Both on the journey of your business as a small business owner or in the journey of self-discovery and growth as a human being there are times when we’re not sure of the message we’re getting we’re not sure if we’re being pushed outside our comfort zone for growth, if we’re being challenged to take aligned action with your soul purpose, or if we are being guided to slow down and take another path, but what is definite is the knowing at a soul level of our path in this lifetime.  So, the more familiar you can get with how your intuition speaks to you, perhaps its in the physical body, perhaps emotionally or indeed spiritually, the more you will gain confidence in that information and become familiar with that feeling of ‘knowing’.  The challenges, the flow, the love, and the fear.  Today, I remind you of the value of your intuition and the knowing of your soul, with love and blessings, Máire x