As I support my clients through change and work to overcome the initial hurdle of awareness, real awareness, strengths and challenges, equally and in great numbers.  It often moves to frustration, impatience and the longing to get to where the coachees wants to be, that first job, next job, promotion, relationship (in or out!!), financial freedom, coping and managing within the perceived confines of family life and social expectations.  We want it now, we decided to change, so bring it on!  Where’s the magic wand?


Unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward.  However, what is a beautiful positive in all this, is that each one of us, have the power to change, the ability to choose in each and every moment of our life.  Our past experiences, how we filter and record those experiences and how we reinforce those memories become our default behaviour.   Awareness is what shines a light on the possibility of, perhaps, there being a better way, in some situations.  Awareness that allows you to grasp an opportunity or use mistakes as steppingstones to a better you.   After the many experiences, both in this lifetime and passed through generations and systems to which we belong the discoveries we make are very often not of our own making.  “What?  Seriously?  As if I don’t have enough sh** of my own”, I hear you say.  So, what’s the point?


Peace, calm, enjoyment, fulfilment, ease, happiness, comfort, all the joyful experiences we can be part of, all the love we can share and participate in.  For those who have children, the legacy of not passing those limiting beliefs and skewed views to the next generation. If you want less stress, improved health, increased positivity, enhance self-control, greater career success, improved peace of mind, better parenting, greater resilience, and greater happiness then growth is the choice for you.


Máire’s Top Tips for Growth.

  1. Get Support

Using a mirror to reflect your behaviour and gaining awareness can be unfamiliar, uncomfortable and quite challenging.  Use the support of a coaching environment.

  1. Surround yourself with a community of others acknowledging personal growth.

The positivity and mutual support can help you stay on track and offers a safe space to address challenges.

  1. Celebrate success

Each and every step forward is a step in the right direction, it is growth and it is progress.  Acknowledging and celebrating these successes will support you through the next challenge.

  1. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude improves physical and psychological health (studies 2012), it also improves self-esteem and enhances empathy.  Gratitude opens the door to healthy relationships and exciting  opportunities.

  1. Remind yourself it’s a journey

When you feel challenged and wonder if it’s worth it, remind yourself of how far you’ve come and the successes you’ve achieved.  Journaling is a great tool to help with this reflection.

  1. Reframe failures as opportunities for further growth

A perceived failure can fell like a significant set back on your journey, spend some time asking why you were faced with this situation and what you have learned, it is an opportunity for real growth.

  1. Be Gentle

When we take a leap forward and that awareness adds confusion, don’t forget to love yourself as a human being.  “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do” – Brene Brown


So, if you have happened upon this blog or it has found its way to your inbox then this message is for you.  Take a few minutes to reflect just on how far you’ve come and what you have achieved.  How different you are you now from the person you were 6 months ago, 1 year ago, 5 years ago  How have the challenges you’ve faced supported your growth?  Do you continue to grow?

Then ask yourself, is there an area of your life that feels stunted?  Are you ready for more growth?  How do you know if you experience growth?  What difference would it make to your life right now?

If you reflect on these questions and think, right now I am filtering the latest round of growth and that needs time to become my norm, then be gentle with yourself.   If you are faced with a situation or person that challenges the ‘new you’ become comfortable with letting go of the battle, breathe quietly, and let it be, for they too are on their journey and you are smashing yours!  Keep smiling, Máire x